Fri 2/8 starting @ 10:45PM

Say hello to Friday with burlesque!

  • Booze, Burlesque & DJ
  • 1 Night, 3 Performers, 6 Acts
  • DJ Spinning Beats

Fri 2/8: Booze, Burlesque & DJ

Say hello to burlesque on Friday.

Join us for a seductive night on Fri 2/8. Enjoy burlesque, booze and a DJ - starting at 10:45PM after the comedy show.


DATE: Fri 2/8/19
TIME: 10:45PM to 2AM

1 Night, 3 Performers, 6 Acts

Cameron Catastrophe

The cutest catastrophe in the city!

Penelope Heartbreak

A pint-sized pistol that’ll rip your heart into tiny pieces

Miss Mary Jane

She’ll make your spidey senses tingle!

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Join us for booze, burlesque & DJ on Fri 2/8!